And what do you mean by this phrase?

Something awful happened to me.

I applaud your decision to study medicine.

The fourth period was moved up to the third.

"What are you doing today?" "I'm doing nothing much."

We went to fishing with my dad yesterday.

I ate a large dinner and felt satisfied.


Duncan and Surya are both determined to make the best of this situation.

That guy is walking pigeon-toed.

He has an innate love of adventure.

Pitawas is going to the airport to pick Claire up.

I must give my respects.

I never did thank you for all the help you gave me.

It's not something we have any control over.

Can you measure the length?

He enjoys his sleep and doesn't like to have it interfered with.

What makes one stronger, kills the other.

Do you like chocolate milk?


I'm actually looking for a job.

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I claimed damages against him.

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He's at the dock, drinking with homeless guys.

Would you please look after my dog tomorrow?

Can you explain it more clearly?


The fine weather added to our pleasure.

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I bought this bicycle dirt-cheap.


I should get back inside.

I'm not even thirty yet.

All the girls teased me.

I own all the books.

This is a hilarious story!

We're talking about him.

Don't sit on that bench.

I only wish Juha could be here.

She saw him at the store.

What you said made Emma angry.

He died five years ago.


It's impossible to do the sights of Tokyo in a day or two.

You'd be grateful if you knew the whole truth.

Dirk runs a food bank in Boston.

I wonder who named this ship.

Can I ask you another question?

The study of futurology was his forte.

Saad was very scared.

I called to thank him.

After only 36 months, Koko could use 184 signs.

She tried to get whatever she wanted.

Isn't winning great?

The city in which I was born is Tel Aviv.

You seem disappointed.

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He heard a noise from the kitchen.

I no longer need them.

Why didn't someone help her?

I got hit by that curse pretty bad.

Isidore said we could do it.

Don't make abrupt moves.

I have lunch plans with them.

Cry: tears are the heart's petals.

Hiroyuki was only slightly injured.

I want a pet tiger.

We need a place to stay tonight.

The greedy little child ate all the food.

Our characters are completely different.

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He's not ready.

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Ming called her friend yesterday evening.

This CD costs ten dollars.

Don't tell him.

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Ssi wasn't involved.

Why is Randal going to the picnic with Bradley?

What could be worse than that?


The pupil has to improve.

Joseph listened for a moment, but couldn't hear anything.

A tall tree hid his house from our view.

Joanne is a funny guy.

Who's paying for this?

Hillel's hands began to shake.

He pulled her hair.

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If I were you, I wouldn't live with him.

These conditions amount to refusal.

It's a well-known fact.

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What Microsoft is launching is a beta version of its "NetShow streaming server"; it supplies video and audio on demand.

If you are not satisfied with your share, I'll make it a bit more attractive.

He did not appear at all, which made her very uneasy.

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You were unconscious.

The article doesn't cite the source.

I have a comic book in German.


As my watch was slow, I missed the special express.


I caught up with him soon.

Conrad is afraid of showing his feelings.

A sentence contextualizes words.

I want to improve my Italian.

He had to go without food for days.

Eliot works really hard.

The organization of employers is an organization with a great deal of influence.

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I'm embarrassed for us both.

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She entered religion at the age of nineteen.

If you don't find an attorney we will order a public defender for you.

Last year I was a TA for calculus.


What difference does it make?

Sue dashed toward the door.

It would be good if you were to wear summer clothes.

Had I known that you would be so happy about this bike, I would have gotten you one much earlier!

Srinivas is terrible at cooking.

I should like to see the trees from which you picked these apples.

The meeting was put off until next Friday.

He cursed her fate.

They grow melons under glass.


Sal made us a promise that he didn't keep.

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She is nice.

I'm a friend of the princess.

We lost sight of him in the crowd.

Can I leave Patrice a message?

That film's really interesting.

Autumn is the best season for going on hikes.

Sometimes I'd like to know who invented winter and the cold.

Mitchell may not be studying French anymore.

Well, what shall we do?

I was tired from doing my homework.

She is readily accessible to flattery.

You're supposed to be helping them right now.

Eventually, Stagger did what he was supposed to.

The fire spread out in a fan-shape.

He had to choose between "Earthling" and "Terran" for their demonym.

Her adoptive parents are much kinder to her than her birth parents ever were.

It is often said that a good way to lose weight is to stop eating sweets.


I don't want you offering my girlfriend dating advice.

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You stand the axis on the base and then proceed to stack up each part, staggering their position.


I've already checked on that.

How much is the late fee?

I knew you wouldn't pass the test.

So, when are you going to break down and buy a house?

That was a lie, wasn't it?

Ethan wanted to run faster.

Should I ask them?

Which do you like better, music or English?

We need to move forward.


Don't touch the wound, you could get an infection!


And now I will tell how it came about that Robin Hood fell afoul of the law.


All is in the hands of man. Therefore wash them often.

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This guarantees me par.

Can I question them?

This is a picture of them.


My sister married Mr Sato, whose father is my mother's friend.

I know you're afraid of flying.

Search and rescue operations began immediately.


Maybe it was a cat.

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Darrell bled to death.

They're going to have a party next week.

Do you have the key to this suitcase?

This did not satisfy Axel, and the relationship between them became more distant.

Don't tell me it's for my own good.

Do you think I should stop them?

The turnover was 500 million shares.

The only answer was war.

He used to ask me so many questions about Germany.

Whatever language you study, it takes time.

Diane is the guy talking to Avery.

You look stunning!

He saved up his money for his daughter.

I need a Kleenex.

We can't keep this a secret forever.


I don't want to discuss my problems.


The dog answers to the name John.

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The bartender brought Jussi his drink.